Please see the guidelines below for building your Schedule and feel free to use the attached Scheduling Template.

1. Please make sure to include the information below in each block/session of your schedule:

– Start/End Time of block (eg. 9:00-10:00)
– Grade Level of Each Class (eg. Gr. 6)
– Total number of students in each class
– Name(s) of supervising teachers

2. Maximum Number of Students in each class/class combination:

– We request that classes be made-up of no more than 60 students

3. Length of Block/Session:

There are three different ways that you can structure your daily schedule. Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate any schedule formats outside of the ones listed below:

4 Sessions: 60 mins/session
5 Sessions: 40-60 mins/session
6 sessions- 30-40 mins/session

*Kindergarten classes length should be no more than 30 minutes

4. Combining Classes:

You may combine classes as long as the grade combinations stay within the curriculum groups listed below (ex. combining Grade 4 and 6 is okay while combing Grade 3 and 4 is NOT okay):


5. Instructor Energy Breaks:

– Morning Break: Please ensure that your schedule includes a morning break of at least 10 minutes
– Lunch Break: Please include a lunch break of at least 30 minutes

6. Minimum Number of Sessions:

Each class must be scheduled to receive a minimum of 4-5 sessions for the residency to be communicated in it’s entirety.