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DANCEPL3Y School Residencies can generally be completed within 5 Days.
These days can run consecutively (Mon-Fri) or can run on every Monday for 5 weeks.

Book an active learning dance unit and get your students’ muscles and minds ACTIVE with dance. Designed by teachers, for teachers, the DANCEPL3Y Residency is structured to follow best-­‐practice in pedagogy through a 4-­‐lesson “Teaching Dance for Understanding” dance unit that allows students to learn foundational moves from a variety of dance styles, create their own movements using the elements of dance and prepare simple routines that demonstrate their learning. Self-­‐confidence grows as each student discovers his/her own unique style, applies interpersonal skills through group work and demonstrates creative thinking skills through movement-­‐based tasks and activities.

Supporting the provincial H&PE and Dance curriculum, this high-­‐energy program allows students to discover the Elements of Dance and develop Physical Literacy and Fundamental Movement Skills. Positive mental health promotion is infused throughout all of the lessons as students follow the3 Rules of PLAY: Be Positive. Be Fun. Be Yourself™. The DANCEPL3Y Residency is taught by Certified DANCEPL3Y-­‐Ed instructors who not only facilitate an engaging learning space for students, but also provide supports for assessment and evaluation throughout the unit, as well as teacher involvement in the lesson plans.

1. Meet the requirements for DPA
2. Showcase a variety of dance styles
3. Use an interACTIVE, inclusive and student-centered teaching approach
4. Promote positive thinking and mental health

We bring in our own equipment (sound system and microphone) All we require is a gym or space large enough to accommodate the group size.

DANCEPL3Y School Workshops are delivered to division-specific groups:
Grades 1-3, Grades 4-6 and Grades 7-9, with unique movements that are specifically selected to meet curriculum expectations and develop physical literacy and
fundamental movement skills according to the children and youth’s developmental phase. Please find Grade-Specific information below:


Our Kindergarten sessions are very similar to our 1-Day Activation Workshops. At this level, instructors support students in exploring a wide range of dance styles including Hip Hop, Urban/Street, Ballroom, Latin, Modern, Jazz/Funk, Country, African, Bollywood and more!

Grades 1-3

A fun and playful introduction to a variety of dance styles and movements for students in Grades 1-3! The focus of the primary workshops is to allow students to develop fundamental movements skills and gain an appreciation for different types of music and rhythms as they “Dance through the Decades”

Grades 4-6

Junior division workshop focus on maximizing physical activity and student engagement as students in Grades 4-6 confidently dance in their Bubble of Awesome. Students will explore a variety of dance styles from around the world, discover the elements dance and learn movements associated with each genre. The program focuses on basic combinations and playful group formations that foster creativity and builds a sense of community.

Grades 7-9

Our DANCEPL3Y programming provides an opportunity for students in Grade 7 – Grade 9 to develop positive attitudes towards physical activity and their unique bodies and personalities. Participants explore a variety of popular dance styles to popular music that they enjoy. The program focuses on developing self-confidence by placing an increased focus on our coaching philosophy: Be Positive (Learn to say ‘ I’ ll try’ instead of ‘ I can’ t’ ). Be Fun (Discover the most fun version of you). Be Yourself (Build up the confidence to show your own unique style).